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It’s about time I got some more technical content on my blog and after presenting at the Malware and Reverse Engineering Conference in February and seeing a presentation on Tofsee, I decided to do my own analysis of Tofsee.

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Previous posts in this series have demonstrated how, when used on a CryptoLocker variant, extracts the malicious PE file injected in to explorer.exe, and how it can also be used to analyse the injected PE file. This post demonstrates how can now be used to analyse our CryptoLocker variant’s network communications by dumping the cleartext traffic sent over its HTTPS connections.

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My automated unpacking script (which really needs a sensible name!) is a few years old now, so I was interested to see how it would go with some malware that was developed after it was. That is, I wanted to answer the question ‘is my script still useful?’. It turns out it is still useful, and this post is the first of a few posts that aim to demonstrate why. Continue Reading

I was just in the middle of doing a post on analysing a malware sample and I thought that I should start it off by documenting my setup. It then occurred to me that doing so was making my post somewhat longer, and since the setup would apply pretty much to all of my malware analysis work, I should document it separately. So here it is — my malware analysis setup. Continue Reading

Ever wondered whether it would be possible to find strings that have been xored, without undoing the xor? After seeing Lenny Zeltzer demonstrate the ‘xorsearch’ command, I started to wonder if it was possible to find xored strings by considering how each byte differed from the byte next to it.

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