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  1. My computer was encrypted by KARLS. If you or anybody are interested I can send pairs of unencrypted/encrypted files for comparison, if useful.
    The encryptor is payload.exe. I think I can undelete it and send also.

    • Hi Julián,

      I’m certainly interested in the payload.exe file if you’re able to get that. If you could send the MD5/SHA256 hash of the .exe file, that would be good (if you don’t have the ability to calculate a hash, submitting the file to virustotal.com and looking at their report will give you the hash — don’t submit the file to virustotal if it is likely to contain sensitive/targeted information/data though).
      I can also take some unencrypted and encrypted files.

      I’ll have a think about how’s best to get them to me and get back to you.


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