malwearmusings (t-shirts)

malwearmusings: Wearable malwaremusings

What is malwearmusings?

malwearmusings is my RedBubble account which I’m using to sell some of my t-shirt designs, albeit geeky ones.

I opted to pay’s annual charge to save them from having to put adverts on my blog to recover the costs that they incur by providing the hosting resources and infrastructure. Hey, they need to pay for it somehow.

Meanwhile, I was coming up with some geeky ideas for t-shirts, and I used RedBubble to create some for myself. RedBubble also have the option of hosting a shop so that people can sell their own designs. I figured why not see if I can recover some of the blog hosting costs by selling t-shirts, rather than by subjecting my blog readers to web based adverts. All I needed then was a name.

I remembered back to when I was a kid (which is getting harder to do these days!), and finding a cassette tape with some ZX Spectrum software on it, which one of my cousins had labeled ‘softwear’. The obvious thing to do was to mix his misspelling with my blog title.

Each t-shirt sale earns me a few dollars toward the hosting costs of, so if my blog content helps you out (or suitably impresses you), then please visit my RedBubble shop and see if any of my t-shirts interest you.

I’ve learnt a lot from other people making information freely available, and people willing to help other people learn. My blog is my attempt at ‘paying it forward’ as it were. So, if one of my t-shirts interests you enough that you buy it then great, but if not, I’m not going to starve.

Oh, and I buy each t-shirt and make sure that I am happy with the design before making it public on RedBubble.

My Shop

You can find my RedBubble shop at

Unfortunately, they don’t yet support custom domain names (like do), so will actually land you at my blog (which is handy for people who may misspell ‘malware’).

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