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Like Men at Work once asked, ‘Who can it be knocking at my door‘? The smashed glass window next to the door probably suggests that when they knocked, they not only missed the door but also knocked a bit harder than was necessary to get someone’s attention. Unfortunately it’s not just an attempt at a witty opening, but a lead in to a story about a physical break in that occurred at a friend’s work place. I likened it to an APT in IT, and used it as an excuse to use IT to help with physical security — cue the ZoneMinder software. Continue Reading

It’s nice to use dynamic analysis to corroborate the findings from static analysis, but what if you face an SQL attack? What if the attack caused the MySQL server to drop an executable file and pass control to it, or if the attack was exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability? I developed a Cuckoo package,, to allow me to dynamically analyse some of the effects of MySQL attacks. Continue Reading