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It’s been four months since the Bash ShellShock vulnerability was made public, and for some reason I hadn’t thought of modifying Dionaea to analyse and download any URLs in inbound ShellShock exploits until a week ago! If you’re interested in using Dionaea to download the URLs that in-the-wild ShellShock exploits are trying to download, or if you just like hairy regular expressions, then read on. Continue Reading

Sometimes in life you find yourself wanting to have a quiet afternoon in front of a computer, extracting login credentials and SQL commands from captured MS-SQL TCP connections. Other times you may find yourself needing to do so to analyse some MS-SQL attacks. Whatever your reason, this post explains how to use my script to extract such information.

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Certain memory conditions have to be met before malware can unpack code and run it — the memory has to be writeable to unpack code to it, and executable to be able to execute it. The question is, can we use Win32 API calls to detect malware creating these conditions, and subsequently not only detect and identify unpacked code, but also find the original entry point? Continue Reading

It’s nice to use dynamic analysis to corroborate the findings from static analysis, but what if you face an SQL attack? What if the attack caused the MySQL server to drop an executable file and pass control to it, or if the attack was exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability? I developed a Cuckoo package,, to allow me to dynamically analyse some of the effects of MySQL attacks. Continue Reading