3 comments on “Fake LinkedIn Message Emails

  1. I only ever read messages on the LinkedIn web site. I am suspicious of anything that comes via email claiming to be from any social media sites. There are genuine LinkedIn ‘update’ emails and they are easy to recognise. Anything else – beware!!!

    • Yeah thanks ando13, I found ‘urlquery.net’ while searching for ‘PHP’ and ‘?c005’ . The URLs in my email didn’t ring any alarm bells on there, but there were other URLs on urlquery with the same PHP script names and ‘?c005’ that were flagged as hosting the Blackhole Explot Kit.
      The URLs in my email were returning errors when I tried wgeting them, which then got me wondering if they were compromised servers which had since been fixed, or if they were checking the ‘User-Agent:’ header.
      I was tempted to get wget to specify a different user agent header, but ‘urlquery.net’ was already doing that and was saying that there wasn’t anything special about the page it got back, so I stopped at that point.

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